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Wild & Sacred

A Guided Experience of Surrender and Renewal For the Entrepreneur

As a child, you did this all the time without even trying or overthinking. You could spend an entire day pursuing what felt fun, creatively exploring your way to that simple connection with life and knowing it felt right. Somewhere along the way, you grew up and fun, creativity and connection to self have been challenged and taken a back seat to work, bills, laundry and adulting. This escape is your chance to get back to the spirit of your inner child at play, immersed in creativity, exploring ways to integrate that back into your present. You remember more than you think you do! Come Play!

A Curated Experience

for the entrepreneur!

I cannot contain my excitement for this announcement! I have been building businesses and exploring many ways to interface with creativity much of my life and cannot wait to share this dream unfolding and experience it all with you. Out of a desire to see more people unlock creativity to solve problems, connect with and understand their intrinsic power, we have curated an escape, a guided creativity-focused experience of surrender and renewal for the entrepreneur! We have sold out all bunk house spots and wanted to share a little more of our hearts in building this for those that are interested. The shared cabins still have room!

Restore. Connect. Create.

The cornerstone of moving into a flow state with creativity and clarity with your brand message is deeply rooted in your inner knowing and emotional intelligence. Your business is an expression of you, so foundationally, doing the deep inner work on yourself is the most effective place to put your time and energy. This is most easily done when you can take intentional time out to restore yourself, connect with nature and your inner knowing and create for the sake of creation.

The paradigm and teaching, especially in the business sector, that the only clear path to success was to go to an “expert” has cost me greatly. Have you ever been given the advice “fake it until you make it”? The energy of that puts pressure on you to perform in a way that is not inside your capacity at that moment and creates a scenario of deep disappointment when you cannot deliver. I have lost thousands to businesses that have overpromised and underdelivered because that is the model they were built on. We need to change this model that encourages a disconnect with authenticity of self and move to an enriching practice that empowers entrepreneurs to operate in their true potential.

Let’s Escape!

Play & creativity, when approached as activities we engage in for their own sake, offer us opportunities to access joy. You have a deep well of knowledge and creativity inside of you and with that comes the power to define your version of success. It unlocks new and different pathways in the brain and heart to break new ground and change the landscape of your industry. When you connect with your inner knowing and tap into your creative potential, you remove the need for dependency on any other company, expert or guru to validate what’s best for you. You are empowered to make big moves with authority and confidence in your inner knowing. You can build with integrity and offer a true expression of what you are meant to share with the world. This is your chance to unplug and embark on a self-honoring journey in a stunning remote location! Hop over to our retreat site and explore what we are curating!

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